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Vaxt Marketing specializes in animal and human medical and nutrition marketing. It's what we do because it's what we know–inside and out. When we’re not in the office helping clients grow their brands we are in the field–practicing medicine, competing in shows and races (human and animal), raising livestock and playing with our pets and kids. We have the best of both worlds–doing what we love and helping our clients grow. We also know the world of health and nutrition is ever changing and we have the experience and insight to stay ahead of where the consumer and markets are going.
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Small companies and start ups don’t always have the expertise or capital to fully develop and market their products or services. In fact, in many cases good products and services simply disappear because consumers never even hear about them, despite the fact they have a need for it. The challenge for these companies is simple—they need to market their product to sell it and they need to sell it to market it. It’s the old chicken or the egg dilemma and it’s actually not that simple. Especially if it’s your company that is in need of help.

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